All day we’re solving a system of equations A three body problem, f(you, me, the cat)

Time has all but ended as we flirt with each other’s event horizons

Dipping, dipping lower into an unstoppable force

Together forever!

Time has no meaning. The limit of love as our time together increases goes to infinity

Power. Force

What pulls us together? What unites us?

I love you with the force of a black hole

It’s all-consuming. The more of you I have the more of you I want. Am I addicted?

Robert Palmer would suggest that we might as well face it

Sometimes we merge, emitting a chirp of gravitational waves that echo across all of spacetime

Our love changes the very fabric of Minkoski Space

Waves of love resonating with all who encounter it ❤️

It moves with the speed of light

When we merge, it’s hot. It’s billions of atomic bombs, releasing several suns of energy and pressure

Infinities and zeroes, the notion of distance shatters as our theory breaks down, there’s no limit to what we can do, there’s no answer to the question, to the equation

No one can ever hope to understand us

It’s ephemeral, a blip on the cosmic timescale, but right now, it’s everything, it’s like all of time all the time every time. I’ve forgotten time. The only time I know, the only time I want, the time I need, is with you


National Poetry (Writing) Month

This is a poem in a series of poems during April, 2020, for #NationalPoetryMonth and #NaPoWriMo #NaPoWriMo2020

My NationalPoetryWritingMonth post.