My name is Alex, and I am a Seattle native.

Selected links to public social networks:

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My LinkedIn profile is a great place to see a quick summary of my educational, professional, and volunteering background.

Here’s my twitter profile, probably the place I post the most. This is a personal account, but is a reliable chronicle of the kinds of intellectual problems I’m actively thinking about, learning about, and working on. Interesting to see in my tweets/retweets the intersection of culture and professional development from a time when I aspired to be a patent attorney (c. 2009) to the present (c. 2015), where I aspire to be an expert in applying methods in deep learning to real-world problems.

This is my first website! Not true, actually.

Does anyone remember AngelFire websites? Back in the day, one of my friends and I built two small-ish websites (unfortunately, I can’t find them). We must have been in the 4th grade because that was the year when both Goldeneye and Ocarina of Time came out on N64 (linked in case you’re too young to know what that is). We started building walkthroughs.

This is my first real website, built from scratch (harnessing Jekyll and GitHub Pages), and where I talk about things other than N64 games… most of the time, anyway.