food [delights]

experience (so) special

artful bouquets balanced, with care

unexpected, combinatorial

sichuanese cuisine. my favorite chinese restaurant. the nuanced sichuan pepper. its numbing aspect, bouquet of flowers, ground potpourri. vegetal

pepper segway: the fresh flesh of the habanero, seductive, fruity, aromatic. Tantalizing yet deadly heat. Yearning for the burn 🔥

gyro (euro, not GYRO[scope]): savory lamb souvlaki, tarty-salty feta, the crunch of lettuce, acidity of tomato, bitterness of onion. bite. pita is merely a conveyance, i have no allegiance (je suis fou)

je aime le pâté. intense and exciting. layers of goût. weird body parts (livers &tc). langue de boeuf: excellent as charcuturie goes, bien sûr, but perhaps not a pâté… mais ouai, c’est… c’est vraiment delicieux

PETRICHOR. earthy. smoky. umami. leather, (smoked, cold or hot, it doesn’t matter!) salmon, a fire crackling in the room, a wood burning stove (at home or encountered on a walk, blocks away at twilight in a sleepy neighborhood), a good cigar, pipe tobacco, even a decent cigarette for the right occasion (the drink before and the smoke after)

hunkering down. inside in autumn, or en hiver, storms approaching, under the warm (scritchy-scratchy) blanket (with a loved one? kisses, magical taste <3). it gets cold. add a mug of something warm. like tea (smoky, grassy, vegetal), or a hot toddy (sweet). or a hot body. eggplant emoji.

baba ganoush. baba-que, barbeque, brisket, ribs. albiet slightly carcinogenic (i often dream of it)

aroma of lapsang souchong. unparalleled – stronger varieties of russian caravan notwithstanding

the scotches of islay – dried over peat fires, said peat dug up from the very ground upon which it is burnt

the texture(smoked salmon): savory, sweet, tangy, smoke gently flirting with its edges –> brain zinger!. the way the salmon can go so oh well, just like so, with the right company {perhaps a well-paired cheese} PINKY UP

smoked bleu from a rogue creamerie, as it were

smoked salt on a chocolate caramel from a local confectionery

a proper connection between flavor(s) and smell(s) on a single manifold of olfactory phenomenae. an equivalency relation ~ between scotch, leather, and good dirt, satisfying reflexivity, symmetry, and transitivity



National Poetry (Writing) Month

This is a poem in a series of poems during April, 2020, for #NationalPoetryMonth and #NaPoWriMo #NaPoWriMo2020

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